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My Breast Cancer Story!

My duty as a yoga teacher is to teach what I know. This includes many forms of yoga, both on and off the mat. I choose to share my story because breast cancer was not supposed to happen to someone like me! I have no family history, I am a fit and healthy woman of 44 years young, I'm in a healthy weight range, I eat well and by that mainly unprocessed food, I exercise regularly, and I teach and practice yoga. I have 3 beautiful children aged 24, 21 and 12. My youngest child was successfully breastfed until he was two years old. I'm married to my husband of 16 years. I have 2 grandchildren from my eldest son who is married to the love of his life. I'm pretty blessed and grateful for what I have in my life. So how did I come to find out I had breast cancer?  I had booked in with
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Birth Story written by Samantha of Chambers Flat, QLD

About 9am on Good Friday morning 25th March 2016, I noticed I was experiencing cramps, they kind of felt like period cramps but heavier. So I spent the day doing fencing in the yard, as you do, and going about my general business. I had a feeling this may be ‘it’ but wasn’t sure as the pains weren’t too intense or unmanageable. I also hadn’t lost my mucous plug and there were no signs of my waters breaking. As a first time mum these were the things people told me to look out for as indicators of impending labour. I had my hospital bag packed for weeks, because I’m an organiser, and I also had an induction booked for March 30. I tried everything in the lead up to the induction date to get my labour going naturally (raspberry leaf tea, sex, curry, bouncing on the gym ball) be
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The Loss of Baby Ty

Birth Story written by Annette of Forestdale, QLD Most people would say I had a dream pregnancy and for the most part, I did. I suffered no morning sickness, had no medical problems during the pregnancy and really only put on baby weight. What a lot of people didn't realize is the stress and anxiety that came with this pregnancy. In November 2014, my husband and I learnt at our 12 weeks ultrasound with our second child, that he had no chance of survival. He had severe hydrops and a large cystic hygroma caused by noonans syndrome. We were advised to terminate the pregnancy but I couldn't make that choice as if forever question if I had done the right thing. He fought hard but his heart failed him at 20 weeks and I went on to delivering our little boy Ty Benjamin. My Rainbow Baby
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Mindfulness – February 2016

Mindfulness is becoming a well-recognised and popular practice in stress reduction techniques. However, the practice of mindfulness becomes more of a way of life, guiding you back to the present moment over and over again as you grow to become attentive and open, more aware. The practice of mindfulness will enable you to give your life back to yourself. What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose in the present moment and non-judgmentally – Author Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mindfulness for Beginners. Throughout your day, you may find yourself mindlessly moving from one activity to another without truly being present, or paying attention to what it is you are actually doing. Sometimes you may find yourself mentally caught in past thoughts, emotions and patterns of behaviour
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SevenPoint2® and The Alkaline Lifestyle – November 2015

Super-greens powders A few years ago when I started the Paleo Diet, I was introduced to super-green powders.  For the last 7 months I have been a vegetarian (for ethical reasons) and I’m still mixing super-green powders into my smoothies, which I normally have for breakfast.  Ever since I’ve had super-green powders in my life, I have not had a cold or flu.  I feel physically healthy and after 8 years on medication for Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) my last gastroscopy results showed only mild gastritis and I have been able to come off my medication and maintain my health through healthy eating and lifestyle changes. I love the way I look and feel and I recommend super-greens to all my clients.  I don’t get enough time to always eat my recommended amount of veggies e
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Core Yoga – July 2015

WHAT IS CORE YOGA? Core Yoga is a fusion of Pilate’s exercises and Yoga postures that are delivered in a sequence to safely build core strength through precise movements using your own body weight. The sequences are offered with modifications and variations to suit all levels of fitness and abilities making a Core Yoga class suitable for everybody. Yoga and Pilates postures and techniques have been refined over the years with ongoing studies into the human body to develop practices that improve strength, posture, mobility and flexibility along with the added proven and traditional methods in breathe work to invoke calmness to the mind and awareness of the body. By participating in a Core Yoga class you will be well on your way to improved posture, core stability, breath and body awar
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Yoga novice to teacher in 4 years – March 2015

All my life I wanted to do yoga but I actually never started my physical practice until I was 39 years old. My class was at my local gym with the thump of weights dropping on the floor and gym music in the background to test our distractions. My first yoga teacher was a very lovely lady who was down to earth and really encouraging. So it began, my first yoga class, finally! I don’t know what it was but from the first downward facing dog I was hooked. The strength that came from holding poses with stillness and focus on breath was very challenging to me and I was always a very fit person having played various sports since I was 8 years old. I found the yoga challenged me in my balance and my strength in ways I did not expect. I thought yoga would be easy. Instead it stirred up places i
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