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Why Yoga for Kids?

Yoga to bring kids togetherThere are so many choices when it comes to physical movement-based activities for children.  What makes yoga beneficial is it is an ancient science that promotes health and well being through building self-awareness, strength, balance and flexibility for the mind and body.

Yoga is a fun practice that teaches children equality, irrespective of social status, origins, or physical abilities. Yoga is a fun way for children to socialise while they develop breath and body awareness, co-ordination, self-confidence, and self-expression whilst having a lot of fun in an environment that is supportive and nurturing.

Kids Yoga classes are structured to capture the children through the use of songs, games and poses that will stimulate the senses to develop through kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learning.   Self-expression promotes self-value and is necessary to improving self-esteem.

The benefits of a yoga practice also includes stress and pain relief, improved circulation and digestion, better body alignment and posture, increased concentration, deeper and more relaxed breathing, and, most importantly, a deep sense of well-being and inner peace.

A study published by the University of California (2003), found that children who had frequent yoga instruction showed significant increases in self-esteem, as well as overall fitness and academic performance, and decrease’s in discipline problems. Additionally, students reported feeling more relaxed and were more aware and respectful of their peers. (Rainbow Kids Yoga)

The Benefits of Children’s Yoga:

  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Increases self-confidence and builds a positive self-image
  • Increases emotional resilience
  • Nourishes creativity
  • Helps to balance body and mind
  • Teaches self-acceptance and self-love
  • Increases sensory awareness and general body awareness
  • Builds coordination and balance
  • Expands self-awareness, and awareness of others
  • Develops self-discipline and self-control
  • Builds concentration
  • Helps us to stand more erect and feel taller by supporting a long and flex spine
  • Fortifies all bodily systems; the skeletal, nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, hormonal and muscular systems and improves our understanding of anatomy
  • Increases awareness of breathing and deepens the breath
  • Is non competitive
  • Expands awareness of nature, animals and the environment
  • Helps children build inner strength
  • Encourages cooperation and teamwork
  • Teaches how to relax and reduce stress
  • Encourages compassion, generosity, and respect
  • Teaches how to find inner peace
  • Yoga is fun!!!


Crawling to Walking (45 – 60 min)

Mums and dads come along and experience a fun yoga class while allowing the crawlers and toddlers explore and participate when they want to.  We put quiet toys at the centre of the circle to keep the toddlers busy but also encourage them to crawl beside or under their parent and imitate them in as many poses they can.  We need to be very flexible during these classes as the children’s energy changes.

Walking to 3 years old (30-45 min)Walking to 3

A fun yoga class with lots of visual props, singing, playing and fun yoga poses to keep the little ones engaged.




Ages 3 – 6 (45-60 min)3 to 6
Loads of fun and energy!  Imaginations come alive as we play and move in these yoga classes.  At this age your child has an abundance of energy, therefore these classes are designed to use that energy as we bring life to poses through games, stories and even relax with creativity.




Ages 7 – 9 (45-90 min)7 to 9
The yoga practice begins to become more conscious with more challenging poses and games yet still keeping the class full of fun.  The focus moves towards balance and coordination as we begin to hold the poses for a little bit longer.  These classes also encourage the children to practice group and partner yoga.  As they discover new challenges the children discover the best way to learn is to move through it.



Ages 10 – 12 (Pre-Teens) (60-90 min)10 to 12
These classes are cool and involve lots of movement, which is essential for the fast growing bodies of this age group.  The yoga practice promotes self-esteem and confidence, whilst building inner and outer strength, attention and concentration, and heightened awareness of both oneself and others.




Teenagers (60-90 min)Teenagers
In these classes both adult teachers and teenagers are treated with mutual respect and are seen as equals.  Our practice brings us together as we continue to have fun through group activities.  The yoga practice is explored and developed through many avenues which may include games, dance, acrobatics, human pyramids, clowning, drama and drumming.



Family Yoga (60-90 min)Family Yoga 8

Family yoga gives parents and their kids the opportunity to spend healthy and happy, quality time together.

No phones, iPads or any other distractions… it’s just you and your children.





All yoga practices involve quiet time and relaxation as an important element of the class.  Meditation practices can be achieved using simple breathing games.  Relaxation can be achieved through simple massage, story time, guided imagery, yoga Nidra and music.






For more information or to express your interest in a kids yoga class please contact Suzie at empower@outlook.com.au or phone 0408020372.

Kids yoga classes are also available for private group sessions, parties, schools, and day care centres.


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