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Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions are highly beneficial for the following reasons:

  • As a beginner you can develop at your own pace a new practice
  • Learn and experience yoga whilst gaining confidence in your practice before attending a class
  • Public classes may not suit your personality or lifestyle
  • Have a teacher to be solely focused on your practice and needs
  • Gain correct technique’s with precise adjustments for your body
  • Increases self awareness and gain insight and focus into your current practice
  • Deepen your own practice and work on correct anatomical alignment
  • Adjusting poses to accommodate injury or a condition you are working with
  • Experience the benefits of one-on-one to develop a safe personal practice
  • Gain deeper insight into specific postures that interest you
  • A private and beneficial learning environment
  • Provide the right modifications or variations for a balanced home practice
  • Learn or improve knowledge on philosophies of yoga, meditation and pranayama practices


Casual private 75 min yoga session is $75
3 for 2 yoga sessions $150 (valid 7 days)
3 yoga sessions $215 (valid 2 months)

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