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Taylah Berry

I have suffered from anxiety for several years now, and I am so happy to say that Suzie’s yoga classes have been a great help. Suzie is such a kind and empathetic soul, I found it very easy to connect with her. After every class I feel so calm and at peace, which is something I don’t feel very often so it is an amazing feeling. I definitely recommend Suzie’s yoga classes to anyone who suffers from stress or anxiety. She deeply cares about every one of her clients and makes everyone feel welcome and safe.
Before meeting Suzie, I thought yoga definitely wasn’t for me, but this all changed after my first class. There is so much more to yoga than most people realise. It’s not just about contorting your body into tricky positions (this part is definitely fun though!). It’s about mindfulness, stress relief, balance and learning to be accepting of yourself and the world around you. Suzie taught me all of this in just our first lesson. Suzie’s classes don’t feel like classes, they feel like a group of friends just coming together and relaxing in a safe and judgement-free environment.
Thank you Suzie for not only being an amazing yoga teacher, but for being an amazing friend.

Ayumi Jenkinson of Greenbank

I cannot say enough good things about Suzie! I absolutely love love love love Suzie and her magic hands!
I am addicted to my lash extensions! Suzie is super gentle, professional, friendly, clean and accommodating. I always get compliments about my eyelashes! Definitely the BEST place to go!!!!!

Evangeline Goodfellow (Regents Park)

To beautiful Suzie, whenever I finish your yoga class, I feel a mixture of emotions. You make me feel strong, empowered and you give me permission to be myself and remind me to be kinder to myself and “not to sweat the small stuff” . You not only teach us but you TEACH us x some teachers just go through the motions but you really care about every single person’s spirit and well being x you are courageous, inspiring and a born leader xx I always look forward to your class always x the world is a better place with you in it xx thank you

Keith Michaels (New Beith)

At 64 years of age and badly out of condition I needed the services of a highly motivated personal trainer to aid me in my quest. Suzie Kellett ticked all the boxes with genuine passion for fitness, an understanding of my needs and a thorough knowledge of her trade. I could not recommend her more highly.

Rob W (Wynnum)

Suzie makes the class enjoyable with her instructional technique. Not only is it a good physical workout out but also calms the mind!

Janelle Favell (Browns Plains)

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Wednesday night flow classes….I have been taking your class for a few months now, and at the end of each class, I feel strong, focused and calm. I know that my body is becoming stronger, my self esteem is improving and I am starting to believe that anything is possible if I put my mind to it. Thank you for your patience, you teach with kindness and a generous heart, and I am grateful each time I take your class

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